October 21, 2008
@ 09:48 PM

I mentioned a number of default Intellisense scripts I normally set-up in VFP a while back. Since I just set VFP 9 back up on my Vista 64 machine I've been living without them for a while - I was too lazy to follow my own post and add them back in. It's been making me crazy tonight while I try to get some code written so I finally just wrote a quick PRG to add them in (so next time it's even more painless).

It's not particularly smart so don't run it more than once, it will duplicate them.

Download the Intellisense PRG.

Edit: Hmm...It looks like my download code isn't setting the correct filetype when you download it (it's saving as a "HTM" file when it's actually a PRG). Just rename it and I'll fix the download code at some point. This should be fixed.

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