December 23, 2008
@ 10:12 PM

I was trolling Digg tonight and ran across this article about finding rare songs on YouTube. I hadn't really thought about it but I had found some great Pink Floyd videos on there a while back. I've had a song (not Pink Floyd) knocking around in my brain for a while that I was never able to identify; all I could remember was "suckerpunch". So I typed "suckerpunch song" into the search on YouTube and bang, there it was. Actually, after hearing this again (besides realizing it was from around 1993) was how much this sounded like Nine Inch Nails, March of the Pigs (released around the same time). OK, it doesn't quite match up as well as it did in my head (or as well as this), but whatever. It's got the same sort of feel.

That got me thinking about when I saw Pink Floyd at the Pontiac Silverdome; I was trying to figure out what year I went. This, of course, got me thinking about the first concert I ever saw: Iron Maiden at Joe Louis Arena. That led me back to YouTube. And Guitar Hero.

The internets is cool. And a huge waste of time. But mostly cool.


Bonus Track (just because this is a great song):

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